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Our new website is live! What's going to change?

October 10, 2017: AcademicTransfer email reception delays. Not yet received your application copy? Read more.

Have you noticed? We have listened to our visitors: our website has new features! Besides the vacancies, you will find other relevant information related to your search term. And you can easily filter the results in our new filter menu on the left. Curious? Explore these new features now!

Season's Greetings!

11-4-2018: website offline this morning
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This morning April 11 we will launch our new website around 10:30 (CEST (UTC +2)). This may imply that our website isn't available during that time.

We advise you not to apply between 10:00 and 11:00 via our website.

Our apologies for the inconvenience!


Find answers to most frequently asked questions and queries on AcademicTransfer.

Although we aim for completeness in answering all frequently asked questions, it is possible that yours is left unanswered below. If so contact AcademicTransfer.

What is AcademicTransfer all about?

Find out all about AcademicTransfer in the about AcademicTransfer section

Why does … not work?

Although released in public this website is work in progress. Website users are invited to make suggestions and/or comments to help improving our services.

Which functionalities are in the making?

AcademicTransfer is currently working on improving the new technology that will facilitate the search for and access to the jobs, hence making the selection of vacancies more personal. At the bottom of this page you will find a complete overview of the planned (new) functionalities.

I would like to post a job opening

If you would like to post a job opening, please contact our sales team. They will be happy to assist you and give you all information needed. Send an email to or call +31 (0) 880-282828.

Why should I register?

Registration and the consequential signing in on our website is optional. All information on our website is always accessible without signing in, however, registration will give you some advantages! For example; you can link your social media accounts to your account. Very convenient as you do not have to remember yet another user name and inlog code. Moreover, if you log in via your LinkedIn account you will be able to see if you have any people in your network are linked to the company that offers your dream job. Furthermore, signing in allows you to save your CV, search commands and personal settings and create your own email alert(s) in My AcademicTransfer. Want to check how this works? Register now!

I have a question concerning a job opening

AcademicTransfer cannot answer any questions and/or queries about the content of the job openings posted on our website, since we are merely mediators. Any questions and/or queries concerning the content of a job opening and/or procedures within an organisation must therefore be addressed to the particular job-posting holder.

I have a question about the closing date of a job

The specified number of days within which to apply and the displayed closing date of a job opening are indicative. An employer reserves the right to close the job before the initial specified closing date at any time. It is therefore advisable to apply for a job as soon as possible once it is posted on AcademicTransfer.

I have a question about an organisation or job posting holder

AcademicTransfer is not in the position to render information about the participating organisations and employers. For general information about a particular organisation we would like to advise you to directly contact the organisation in question. Please visit the employer pages on AcademicTransfer to find their contact details.

I have a question concerning my career

AcademicTransfer offers job posting overviews but is not (yet) equipped to render counselling and/or career advice. Therefore, it is not possible to assist people individually in their job search. However you can find links to organisations which you might find helpful in our link section.

I would like to work outside the Netherlands

Currently AcademicTransfer offers no information concerning living and working outside the Netherland. In case you are looking for information on working outside the Netherlands it is advised to contact the embassy in your country of choice. More information on working in Europe can be found on Euraxess.

I would like to work in the Netherlands

Our international visitors have let us know that they would like to find more information about living and working in the Netherlands. Therefore, AcademicTransfer has made a great tool, FactCards, offering all kinds of information concerning living, moving to and working in the Netherlands. You will learn how to prepare your stay in the Netherlands, more information about the scientific landscape or doing a PhD in the Netherlands or for instance rankings of all the Dutch research universities. But there is lots more, so check out FactCards now!

Job postings outside the Netherlands

General focus on AcademicTransfer currently is job postings in the Netherlands. However, AcademicTransfer cooperates with several international job boards and is therefore able to publish a wider range of international vacancies on offer. Preferred partner is Career|edu.

How to create an email alert based on specific search conditions

Use any search command to create an automatic email alert. Follow these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Use the search box to type in a search term directly or click all jobs in English (and filter the search results to your taste)
  3. Save the result as an email alert.

How do I delete an "empty" search or an email alert from My AcademicTransfer?

Unfortunately the remove action next to an "empty" search and email alert doesn't have the desirable effect. Follow the instructions below to remove either an "empty" search and/or an "empty" email alert:

  1. sign in to your account on
  2. delete an "empty" search ("") and/or
    delete an "empty" email alert ("")
    Note: copy/paste the complete text in between parentheses in your browsers address bar
  3. check My AcademicTransfer to see the result


Why can't I find some of the job openings on expected characteristics such as a scientific discipline or function type via search (filters available in the search result)?

Most of the job openings on AcademicTransfer are published by employers and not under direct supervision of the AcademicTransfer team. As not all fields in search are required while publishing, employers are free to choose which fields and content to supply.
AcademicTransfer is continually trying to convince job holders to supply as much relevant details as possible for better visibility and findability of their job opening for applicants.

I have forgotten the password of my AcademicTransfer account. How do I retrieve it?

A forgotten password of an AcademicTransfer account can be reset by following two easy steps:

Note: remember your password carefully and use it to sign into your AcademicTransfer account again ;-)

Does AcademicTransfer use cookies?

Cookies are used on This website works best when allowed to use cookies. A cookie is a small file containing letters and numbers placed onto a user's computer when using the website. Read more about how AcademicTransfer uses cookies.

We are still working on the following

A list of features in the process of being released (striked through items are live):

  • Automatic login with an OpenId or a socialID (f. eks. Google)
  • An event calendar
  • Elaborate information on living and working in the Netherlands in cooperation with the different institutions and organisations involved